Weather Forensics is the science of using historical weather records and data to reconstruct past weather events at a specific time and location. The analysis is often helpful in providing context for an accident, determining if conditions could have been reasonably anticipated, or corroborating or invalidating an alibi.

In each of these situations, the information can be used to meet the specific needs of various clients. Lawyers and legal firms, insurance companies and government attorneys are primary users of forensic meteorological services.

Midwest Weather Forensics:
Providing Quality, Personalized Weather Event Reconstruction

A Small, Personalized Approach

At Midwest Weather Forensics, we strive to provide personal, one-on-one service that ensures your specific needs are met. We are geared to providing top notch quality, expert analysis, and honest assessment to ensure you have all the information you need to make the best decisions possible regarding your case. Our knowledge to access government data is hard to match, and we have the skills and expertise to interpret and present it so you can use it effectively.



We Deliver Results

Whatever the weather, we provide the most accurate weather reconstruction possible. This enables our clients to determine their best course of action regarding the claim or event. Whether you are a small legal firm, large corporation, or anything in between, our information helps you make the best decisions for your company, your clients and your bottom line.


Quality Over Quantity

We don’t aim to get the most clients. But we do aim to provide the best service and most accurate and useful information for our clients. We have a regional focus across southern Minnesota, northeastern Iowa, much of Wisconsin and northern Illinois, though we can extend beyond this preferred service area, if needed.

If you are looking for just anyone to assist you, there are other options available from other parts of the country, and larger firms that hire meteorologists with more limited professional experience. That’s not us. We’re here to give you the best opportunity for success in your case by providing an authoritative level of service and information that others cannot.



     Data Access and Analysis

    Possessing a knowledge base which enables access to a broad range of weather data – and the skills to accurately analyze that data.


    Event Reconstruction

    Utilizing the data acquisition and analysis processes to provide expert reconstruction of a wide variety of weather events.


    Report Writing

    Utilizing knowledge of what information is important to the case – and the ability to effectively articulate that information.


    Depositions and Testimony

    Armed with our reports, most cases can be resolved without court appearances, but we can provide that additional level of service, if needed.