Fees and Retainers

If you have a case for which you wish to retain the services of Midwest Weather Forensics (MWF), please request a Retainer Agreement form by contacting us through the “Contact Us” link at the top or bottom of this page. Though specific fee information is included in the Retainer Agreement, general costs are noted below.

Service Retainer: $1200 per case (one-time, up front, non-refundable). To ensure no conflict of interest in any case, a Service Retainer is required. Following implementation of a Service Retainer, MWF will not provide any services to the case opposition. Therefore, the Retainer ensures your side has the exclusive services of MWF and only your side has the forensic briefing information provided by MWF. Any charges billed to the Client will first be covered by the Service Retainer.

Forensic Report: $200/hr. This service is provided as a part of the Service Retainer Agreement, unless otherwise directed by the Client. The Client will receive a complete forensic report detailing requested weather information related to the case. Most reports take from 5 to 10 hours to complete. Larger, more complex cases with broader Client requirements can take more time. For any case report with requirements beyond 12 hours, all time beyond 12 hours is billed at $180/hr.

With the help of the Forensic Report, most cases can be settled out of court. For those that require additional assistance, Midwest Weather Forensics can provide the following services as well:

Deposition Hearings
Court Testimony
Legal Team Consultation, Review, or Trial Preparation (whether in-person or via video conference, phone or email).

These service require an Addendum to the Service Retainer Agreement, and also include a separate $1200 per case up front, non-refundable fee toward which all charges will first be applied.

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