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Assisting With Weather-Related Litigation

Personal injury and insurance claims which are related to weather events can present difficulties which may require litigation to resolve. Even criminal cases with a nexus to specific weather issues or elements can turn based on forensic meteorological analysis.

The expert analysis provided by Midwest Weather Forensics can assist you and your legal team in recognizing not only the validity of your case, but also provide valuable information to form an opinion regarding how to proceed with the case. This information, when held exclusively by your legal team, places you at a significant advantage vs your case opponents.

Insurance Companies

Providing Critical Analysis to Avoid Fraudulent Claims

Similar to the service provided to lawyers, insurance companies can benefit significantly by expert analysis of their claims cases. This may include evaluating and ensuring that claims are valid or establishing when they may be potentially fraudulent. Knowing when it is appropriate to challenge weather-related claims can save the company both claims expenses and legal fees.

Government Attorneys

County, District and State Attorneys

Questions regarding government liability can arise when weather-related events impact private interests through government service or infrastructure “failures”. For example, was the flooding due to an inadequate design in a city sewer system, or was it due to rainfall that exceeded the system requirements? Or what about a personal injury case which occurred on government property? These and other cases may benefit from expert forensic weather analysis and/or testimony.

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