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Slips and Falls

This is a very common case, especially during the winter snow and ice season. Our analysis can determine where and when snowfall (or freezing precipitation) occurred, or if any melting and re-freezing may have caused icy conditions that led to a slip or fall case.

Precipitation-Related Accidents

While wintertime snow, ice and visibility conditions are obviously a major player in many vehicle accidents every year, summertime precipitation can also make roads slippery, limit visibility, or cause hydroplaning, resulting in accidents. Analysis of weather data at the time and place of the accident can help determine if any of these conditions were possible, leading to the accident.

Visibility-Related Accidents

Fog and solar glare (and other low visibility conditions) contribute to many accidents across the Upper Midwest every year. A variety of Weather data sources and records (including astronomical data) can help determine if any of these natural conditions were present in the area where the accident occurred.

Hail and Wind Damage

This is an area where both the home or business owner and the insurance company may need expert analysis and assistance. Wind can also play a role in moving vehicle accidents. Individuals who are denied coverage of damage which was due to a real event can benefit from the proof that comes from expert analysis of Doppler radar images, hail and wind reports, and National Weather Service issuances.


Many questions may arise related to flood damage. One common question relates to who may be responsible for the water backup in the system. Was the flooding and associated damage due to insufficient engineering, or did the precipitation event exceed the threshold of the engineering specifications? Other questions may relate to flood inundation maps or historical flood events in the same area. This is an area where the homeowners, business owners, insurance companies and municipalities may all require expert analysis and assistance.


While not a typical weather-related forensic case, weather events can play a role in wildfires and wildfire starts. Some events may require assistance in determining the cause of their initiation. Was it due to lightning, illegal burning, or perhaps legal burning that got out of control due to thunderstorm winds? Forensic meteorological analysis can assist in this area.

Insurance Investigation

Unfortunately, insurance investigators can and do run into fraudulent claims. From determining if ice could have caused an accident in a slip and fall case to assessing if hail fell on a claimant’s home on a specific date, Midwest Weather Forensics can provide helpful information on a wide range of potential fraud cases involving just about any type of weather.

Criminal Cases

Forensic meteorologists have been called on to provide critical testimony in many criminal cases. Would a defendant’s alibi hold up, given the weather that was occurring at that time? Would the defendant have been skiing in the rain at the time of the alleged crime? Was the outside ground wet or muddy enough for an intruder to have left footprints? Resolving these types of weather-related questions can make or break a case.

Other Civil Cases

Many unique situations may occur which require expert analysis to determine whether the event may have been due to natural weather-related causes or human error. An example of this might include the collapse of a roof due to snow. Such a civil case may require an analysis indicating whether recent snowfall was unusual enough to warrant such an event, or whether the result was due to construction deficiencies.

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